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2021 Club Awards


Congrats Sue Botson for being awarded the 2021 Frances Sondles President's Award!  

Congrats to Cindy Fink for being awarded the 2021 AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award! 


Doggy Brags

Trick Dog Eli

ABTCA vice president, Leslie Gelesh, and her miniature poodle, Eli, have won the 2021 AKC Virtual Trick Dog Competition with their entry Batman FURever. 


This is the second year the team has participated in the virtual competition.  Last year they were recognized for their “outstanding performance.”


To be eligible for the competition a dog must have achieved an elite performer title with the AKC.  Teams from across the US and Canada submitted videos that included as story, music props and most importantly TRICKS!


ELI’s video Batman FURever, showcased 31 tricks and a cameo appearance from little brother, Chip , in just under 6 minutes.  The tricks are interwoven with music and narration.  Routines are judged on creativity, difficulty of tricks, flow between tricks, handling skills and entertainment value.

View Eli’s video here.

Bailey works as a "therapy/experience stimulation" dog with Jeaneatte Palsa's husband.  He doesn't have Therapy Dog certification (he has his own issues) but has been doing this work for the past year.  Many of the clients are very mature individuals that don't have a lot of outside contact so they are so excited when Bailey comes.  Bailey is so gentle and loves them all.  


Bailey is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix (pit bull) to most people.  We have taken obedience I, II, and III (3 times!!!) and agility for the past couple of years

Uncle Tom and Bailey 1-21-2021_1 random cop.jpg

2021 Special Achievements

Sally Nitz's dog, Buddy Holly, earned his Rally Zoom title on November 3rd, which was his first title ever received and his Novice Trick Dog Title on November 5th.



Linda King's dog, Larkin, earned her Intermediate title at the Medina Trial in rally on Octobe 23rd. She now has her Novice and her Intermediate.



Heidi Baltzly’s Panzer earned his esteemed title of Trick Dog Champion. This title requires a video submission to be reviewed by a Team of Do More With Your Dog Staff Evaluators.


Panzer earned his Stunt Dog Champion Title and is now a Triple Crown
Champion, which means Champion titles in all three DMWYD venues: Trick, Stunt, and Canine Conditioning Fitness. Panzer is the first Rottweiler to achieve these honorable


Watch our videos on our you tube channel: Panzer Rottweiler Heidi Baltzly


Cindy Fink's dog, Savvy, earned her AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title, AKC Rally Master Title and her AKC Agility Novice Jumpers with Weaves!


rally master title.jpg

Cindy Fink's dog, Basil, earned her AKC Advanced Trick Dog Title


basil trick.jpg

Tina Steele's dog, Maggie, ran Fast CAT on October 9-10th at Medina Kennel Club where she regained her AKC's #1 fastest Papillon in the country with 3 averaged fastest of 22.98mph and now has 397.63 points toward her 500 hundred needed for DCAT!


Sally Nitz's dog, Shiloh, earned his C-WAGS Scent Detective ACE championship on July 25, 2021 under Judge Carolyn Martin. This is his second championship. He’s fifteen and a half years old and went blind about a month ago but still loves scent work


The Rahe's dog, Glidden's Sweet Surrender"Renegade", finished his Novice Rally title in four shows with his third qualifying score being 96.

Our thanks to Rich, Joan, and Tina for their training and their patience which enabled us to accomplish this

Leslie Gelesh's dog Chip earned his AKC Fast Novice Agility title May 7th at Pinnacle Dog Sports in Westlake.  It is his first agility title ever!


Congrats to Joan Crouse's dog

Kendal for receiving his Rally Master Title!

Ruth Drew and Oliver competed in a Rally Trial this January. Oliver finished his Rally Advanced Title and got his Rally Excellent title.  Congrats Oliver!

Word Art.jpeg

Thank you to all the 2021 Rally & Obedience Trial Volunteers!  We couldn't do it without you!

Our session for April/May 2021 has wrapped up.   It takes a crew to get it all done from start to finish. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers! We are most grateful for your valued and continued support!

  • Susan Botson

  • Linda Caro

  • Richard Copley

  • Joan Crouse

  • Linda Davis

  • Alison DeBroux

  • Ruth Drew

  • Cindy Fink

  • Leslie Gelesh

  • Raelene Gorlinsky

  • Connie Hall

  • Ellen Hogarty

  • Linda King

  • Kathy Krieger

  • Lori Lang

  • Karen Magilavy

  • Peggy Marting

* We regret any omissions.  If you volunteered during the last training period and are not listed here please contact Leslie Gelesh via the forum.  


  • Diana Matovich

  • Lauren Meszlenyi

  • Sally Nitz

  • Cheryl Palm

  • Heather Pazak

  • Carolyn Perkins

  • Brenda Riccio

  • Bobbie Sajovec

  • Jamie Scheff

  • Tina Steele

  • Beth Trayers

  • Kellie Turner

  • Anna Vasserman

  • Donna Vickers

  • Amanda Wade 

  • Jordan With 


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