ABTCA Training Classes

Welcome to All Breed Training Club of Akron, Inc.  Below you will find a description of the classes we offer.  Please note that all training classes now require a club membership. For more information see Membership FAQs.

Puppy I & II


Puppy I: This class is for puppies 10-16 weeks old. Proper puppy socialization, safety, and confidence building is the cornerstone of class while incorporating basic manners and cues such as sit, down, wait, watch me, come, leave it, and leash walking to name a few! Opportunities for off-leash supervised playtime is also offered. Topics such as potty training, crate training, chewing, enrichment, play, nutrition, and other puppy things will be covered along with individual


Puppy II: This class is for puppies older than 4 months and up to one year. The class is similar to Obedience 1 but with consideration to the 'ever-changing puppy' often seen in this age group

See upcoming events for class schedules.

Obedience I & II


Obedience 1: This class is for dogs eight months and older and teaches basic manners, foundation skills, and cues such as attention/focus, watch-me, sit, down, come/recall, wait, stay, leave it, and loose leash walking.

Obedience 2: This class is geared for dogs who have completed a previous obedience/manners class. This class will teach heeling, stand, turns while leash walking, wait and stay with distractions, stop and drop on recall, mat work, while building upon and solidifying previously learned skills such as focus and attention to handler and proofing sits, downs, recalls, leash walking with added distractions.


See upcoming events for class schedules.



Rally is a companion sport.   It requires team work between dog and handler along with performance skills similar to obedience.  A Rally course is set up with signs displaying a variety of obedience skills.  Classes focus on learning to accurately perform behaviors as described on each sign, thus enhancing dog/handler bonding as well as leading to potential trial competition. The current levels, per experience are Novice, Intermediate, Advance, Excellent and Masters.

See upcoming events for class schedules.

CGC, Star Puppy and Therapy Dog Prep

S.T.A.R Puppy is designed to get dog owners and their puppies off to a good start.  Similar to Puppy 1 with an added evaluation and certificate from AKC

Canine Good Citizen is designed to reward dogs who have good manners at home and in the community.  The program stresses responsible pet ownership and good manners for dogs. This program lays a foundation for other activities and is good preparation for Therapy Dog Certification.

Therapy Dog Prep is intended to prepare handlers and dogs who are planning to become certified as a therapy team.  Test exercises are intended to be similar to situations that you may encounter on therapy visits 

See upcoming events for class schedules.
Trick Class


Teaching tricks establishes a pattern of learning, teaches skills and focus, is a positive method of training, and promotes a bond between dog and human.  In this class you will learn tricks like crawl, take a bow, high five, roll over and many more.  Dogs that have an AKC, PAL or AKC Canine Partners ID number are eligible to earn a title via the American Kennel Club.

See upcoming events for class schedules.


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