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ABTCA Visual History

ABTCA member, Jeannette Palsa, has researched the club’s history since November of 2022 and in the process has found fascinating and fun things to share with the club.  She hopes everyone enjoys learning what All Breed Training Club of Akron is all about.

After the war, in 1946, a group of committed friends gathered for the love of training their dogs and created what is now known as the All Breed Training Club of Akron.  Our history started with Goodyear and the Rubber City Kennel Club and they were instrumental in our creation.  Our history is fascinating and we hope that you will visit and read through all the articles as they are what really tell
the story of how our organization began.
  Akron All Breed is proud to have served the Northeast Ohio Canine community for 75 years and we are still going strong.


Tips on best way to view:

  • Once the book appears, click on the “fullscreen” icon in the bottom tool bar which looks like four little corners. Once that is done click on the “yellow branding" advertisement and you will have a clean view of the Visual History Book.

  • To turn pages going forward or backwards click on either the right or left arrow.

  • One of the most fun and informative things to do is to read through the newspaper articles. Because the clippings are so old and the quality is less than optimum use the “magnifying” tool located in the bottom toolbar to the very far right of the page to get a better view.

  • Clicking on the escape button or the "fullscreen" four corners icon at the bottom right will exit full screen mode

  • Clicking on the home icon will send you to the flipHTML site.  It is not recommended to click it.

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